What I learned from Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy took over our ethics class the past few weeks and it has been both refreshing and interesting to have a new perspective and voice on the topic. During this time, we touched upon a variety of dilemmas and subjects such as the algorithms used by social media giants like Facebook, media ownership and of course, the presidential election. He brought in guest speakers like Seth Gitell and Susan Ryan-Vollmar to discuss PR ethics and the role of LGBTQ media respectively.

But one discussion stuck with me the most — a sexual assault case reported by the Huntington News.

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Personal Ethics Code: Making the decision process a little easier

A journalist, of course, serves the public interest but he or she is also a decision-maker in a myriad of ways. Some choices will be easy but other times, you may find yourself picking the lesser of two evils.

It’s important to remember that our vocation is more than just scribbling words on a page but the nature of our work has impact on real people with real lives. It sounds obvious, I know; but that is the precise reason why the media need to better understand the process of decision-making. With that said, I’ve written my own personal ethics code I feel I should abide by as a journalist.

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